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Thread: scence detection when capturing

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    Default scence detection when capturing

    When I capture my footage it no longer detects the different scenes. Before you ask, yes, i have made sure the settings in both Adobe Premier Elements and in Lets Edit software are set up to detect the scenes. Neither does Movie Maker detect the scenes. Is there something I am doing wrong, how can I get the scenes detected?

    Could it be something to do with the tape I am using (Sony) or the camcorder itself (Canon XM2)? I am capturing to a Canopus Lets Edit RT card, could there be something wrong with the set up on my PC?

    Only further information to add is that when I first captured any footage the scenes were detected for about 5 minutes of footage and the rest of the footage was all one. Is there a set procedure for attaching the firewire and then turning the camera on? I keep the firewire connected to the capture card and then normally attach the wire to the camera when i want to capture footage. Could this be causing the problem? Is there a set order I should follow??

    Help muchos appreciated,


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    have managed to get some of the scenes detected by Premier elements. But it appears to be a problem with the camera.

    Some of my older tapes that I transfer to Elements detect the different scenes, but half way through one tape it stopped detecting the scenes and ever since then premier elements has failed to recognise the different scenes form the camera.

    I am using a Canon XM2, is there a setting on the camera itself that turns off the scene detection?

    Help urgently required!!!!

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    Typically scene detection works by looking at the time / date code info that is recorded on the tape. If you play the tape back on the camera, with the display settings set to show time / datecodes, has it recorded them correctly?

    The other way the scenes get detected is to look for changes in the image composition, but that always seems hit or miss (mostly miss) to me anyway.

    Perhaps something happened to the camera to have it forget the date settings, and like that old flashing VCR its sitting waiting for the date and time to be set? Just a thought. Otherwise check the camera instructions to see if you accidentaly switched off the datestamping (I dont know if thats even possible) Either way, I doubt it has anything to do with the way the camera is connected to the card.

    Good Luck!

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    now that makes sense, the camera has been asking me to set the date so have just done it and will check now.

    Your a legend, must buy you a pint next time i see you down the pub!

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