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    Default archiving footage.......

    since moving on from mini dv im beginning to amass an alarming stockpile of footage on my hard drives .... just bought a TB external hd but i reckon that will be full by early in the new year

    really need to be more brutal when deleting recorded footage and maybe filter through older material and be a little less precious lol !

    just wondering how you all store raw footage ?
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    nobody archiving then
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    I have the same problem I have 3 internal HD and a 1Tb External but I'm still running out of space. What I find is I get to the point where Windows won't do a defrag due to lack of space so then I have to go through and delete all non essentials. Luckily I have most of my things on DV Tape but now I'm use to using the P2 Card I don't have any other option. I'll have to get another external HD !

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    I just sit here smug.
    Record onto tape. Capture and edit on the computer.
    Keep the tape.

    Unfortunately marketing departments will force consumers to move to solid state and consumers are traditionally crap at any form of backing up or archiving until they've lost the family silver.

    In the professional arena it doesn't matter if they move away from tape becaus ethey will undertand the importance of backing up.

    enc - you are probably only likely to archive properly if you invest in a drive bay and removable drives. Even then it requires discipline. (More than I've got so I',m sticking with tapes, luddite that I am)

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    I only use hard drives as my camcorder is now tapeless. Premier Elements 7 has a feature where it can archive everything you have used in a project which if space is an element allows you to ditch a lot of the shots that were no use. Not ideal. Do all editors have such a feature?

    I have got a pile of tapes but to be honest I have never once gone back and re-edited footage. Its the output files I protect with multiple redundancy. I think its more difficult if you have a lot of treasured footage, e.g. kids growing up. We couldnt have kids so I don't have several dozen 8mm tapes hanging around

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