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Thread: Music Video shot on green

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    Default Music Video shot on green

    Here's my first real project, a music video for my band This Is Divine

    As the title says, all shot on green and composed and editted entirely in after effects. It was made on a budget of roughly 0

    Comments and feedback welcome

    (also please feel free to give it 5 stars!)

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    nobody has ANY feedback?

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    I looked yesterday, expecting music. I had to turn it off after 30 seconds!

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    Like IanA I have become my parents when it comes to music. However I did persevere a couple of days ago. I didn't comment as I don't really have anything to say that is constructive.
    It seemed consistent. It seemed appropriate. I was impresssed with the way you've got the camera angle exactly matching the background (assuming the shots of the band really are chroma-keyed against the warehouse interior).
    In "traditional" terms it's rubbish in that the band is totally underexposed, but I'm assuming that is all deliberate.
    I liked the "video echo" effect a bit.

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    Cardiac media

    Good name, especially as I nearly had a cardiac arrest when I clicked on your movie. Volume levels of different films can be very different, one may be so high you have to turn the volume down and another so low you have to turn it up to full whack. Unfortunately for me I had been listening to one where full whack was required. Stupidly I didnt turn the volume down afterwards and had forgotten about it by the time I clicked on yours.

    You owe me a new pair of underpants

    The very loud volume made me kill the movie instantly. Had you given a heads up in the intro text of your post I would have been ready for it and probably endured with sound to give you feedback.

    In the end I watched it without sound. The effects you use are good but they lack variety towards the end.

    The more I think about it the more I believe that to get feedback on this type of video you need to prime the audience in advance of them clicking the play button, that its loud, not to everyone's taste but your looking for feedback on x,y,z.

    Good luck to you.

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    Yeah I can only apologise, I had posted this on another forum with the following warning:

    "we are not what you could call pop or mainstream so please turn down your speakers before playing the video as it may not be to everyone's taste!"

    But had forgotten for this one, so I apologise!

    Thanks for the feedback, everyone's seems to be consistent, more variety is needed.

    This was my first ever project, after beginning to use After Effects only 2 months ago, on a budget of practically nothing.

    All shots were taken individually against a green screen (see below)

    And yes you are correct, I was going for a very dark look, almost reminiscant of the Saw films.

    Sorry again

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cardiac Media View Post
    Yeah I can only apologise, I had posted this on another forum with the following warning:

    "we are not what you could call pop or mainstream so please turn down your speakers before playing the video as it may not be to everyone's taste!"

    But had forgotten for this one, so I apologise!
    No worries, its getting the feedback that counts. I assume the purpose of the video is to widen your audience and perhaps draw people into your gigs? I would be inclined to show more closeups of the band members. Don't just show them with an effect applied, make sure they can be recognised also. Get in real tight on their faces, hands, instruments etc. When I say get in tight, I really mean it, make the closeup fill the frame.

    Having just watched it again the sheer physical performance of the band gives you such a rich selection for some fantastic closeups. Its the closeups that will make the piece interesting, whereas the special effects are just eye candy.

    I do like the effects you have created, the way that it looks a bit like film footage where the film hets stuck in the projector and shows parts of other frames, albeit they are actually a different image, e.g. the woman when she appears. I like the tv shots as well but I think your holding them far too long. When you do that it makes your feel ok these are individual segments rather than a whole. Mix them up more. I am watching it without sound which might sound crazy to you but I would recommend you try this as then your judging purely the visuals. I have read somewhere that a good rule of thumb is to cut to a new shot whenever you would naturally blink. You do actually do this, however because they are not new shots they ultimately fail.

    Last but by no means least. When the song ends, and the screen goes to black, put up a message with the name of the band and where people can find out more about you and leave it on the screen for a long time. Let them grab a pen and jot it down. Advertise, advertise.

    Good luck with the venture.

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    I loved the energy from the band. If you can find a way to harness that we could close down Sellerfields.

    Seriously it I liked the over all visuals. One problem with shooting against a green screen is being able to shoot from reverse angles. so If you do this kind of thing again your should get the band to turn around and shoot them from behind. This will give you chance in post to have a different perspective to create a bit more contrast of shots. Also like Shrimpy said. Get in among the action so you can see the sweat dripping off the drummer. I like to see the veins in the lead vocalist neck bulging with the strain of shouting out the lyrics etc...

    All in all I liked it and for a first time project I think you did great.

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    Yeah we liked it. It looked quite slick & professional.
    We love rock music & all its sub genres, it's just a shame that the sub genres tend to very quickly stereotype themselves & become very limited in what a band can do without stepping outside the confines imposed.
    So your music dictates that the video must be dark, austere, evil?, menacing?, but I guess your appealing to the converted so thats not a problem.
    We did feel a song 4 minutes long needs some radically different shots , different background or some portion of a storyline at some point to keep the viewers interest. And if you took care of that you'd have a really good video.

    As a singer myself how do you manage to sing a whole set like that & still have a voice left at the end?

    Sarah & Allison & Tina

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    Regardless of musical tastes...

    Why do it in front of a greenscreen? With a bit more effort you could have filmed on location, enabling camera moves and more interesting shots.

    All in all I found it boring after the first twenty seconds. The same, repeated, semi-silhouette shots of band members, grungy background and nothing visually stimulating. A lack of originality (like we haven't seen bands playing in deserted factories before) in images and effects.

    Professional looking but lacking emotion in my opinion.

    That doesn't mean that you should stop. On the contrary, for a first video it is very impressive... just not very original. If you're going to push the envelope, then PUSH, don't copy what others have done. You've got the ability, so...
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