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    Talking Why?


    I havent produced anything for quite a while so this is my first atempt for a good few years.

    Basiaclly all the footage used has been accumilated over the last 4 years.

    The majority has just been filmed from a digital camera using the video option.

    It's called Why? as I'm sure the question will come up!!


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    Why indeed?

    You will appreciate the comments are entirely subjective for this sort of video.
    I'm glad I stuck with it as the section 2.30-2.40 was well worth watching.

    There are a few other images which I found really strong and some of the repeated images worked well in an effort to bind the whole thing together (the "line drawing" effect, the Union Flag)

    Overall though I thought you used far too many different effects which really gave the film a disjointed feel, and whilst many effects seemed to work well in an arty way, many others failed.

    In particular I didn't like the pinch/fisheye effect (made it look like a skate vid). Also, I'm not a fan of repeating an image in four quarters of the screen - unless you're going to treat them differently (per the Andy Warhol Marylin)

    But as I say, it's purely subjective. And it's given me a couple fo ideas. Thanks for posting.

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    Thanks for the feedback Tim.

    I appreciate all comments and criticism.

    The short video was basically me getting to grips with Final Cut. It's the first bit of editing i have done on it so was all pretty much experimental.

    I take your point about it being disjointed in parts, it's often only when you view back a few times after the final edit that you see parts that you want to change.

    Glad you got something out of it though.

    Thanks again.

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    Yep thats a good title and it had me thinking about it a lot as I watched it. But that is not a bad thing actually. I always try to watch a film without reading other peoples comments first otherwise I surrender my own first impressions.

    My first thought was that you were trying to produce a pop video interpretation of the song. Then I began to think you were simply experimenting with the special effects in your editor. Then I thought, why would you post that? I then gave up thinking about why and concentrated more on its visual appeal.

    I like some of the effects a lot and others a lot less. You re-use the same clip a lot but then again does that matter in a piece like this? At first I thought it was wrong and then changed my mind. The titles were a bit dodgy.

    One thing the film does have though is a great track and fantastic pace which suits the music very well.


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    If the 'Why' is to practice editing skills, it works. As above, I think the repeated use of the same clip is overdone, but that is a personal opinion.
    The one thing I did hate was the wonky horizon in the cycling shots. Only works if it's done deliberately rather than the accidental occurances that these appeared to be!
    Overall a reasonable excercise.


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