I am trying to make a 16:9 DVD using Nero Vision Express and it will only keep the footage files as 4:3.
The footage is a short 2 minute film which is anamorphic 16:9 720x576 from DV avi file. When I import it into Nero it knows that it is 16:9, according to the file info, and the size stated, but rather than using the pixel aspect ratio to fill the window in the 16:9 DVD project it places it in a pillar box in the middle of the 16:9 frame with the black bars. This would be ok ish if the video was the correct aspect ratio but no it is stretched on the Y so utterly useless.
I have tried re rendering the file to 1024x576 square pixels and this appears to give the desired affect when used in Nero Vision Express. However, this is causing problems of it's own and is a work round rather than really getting to the bottom of the problem.
I have imported the footage originally from a Sony DV camera using Pinnacle DV500 Plus and Premiere 6.0......maybe this is the problem, though it plays fine with the pixel aspect correction in Premiere on a PC.

Any help on how to get Nero vision to read the footage at the correct ratio would be greatly appreciated.