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Thread: Clamping a Camera to a Car

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    Default Clamping a Camera to a Car

    Greetings all,

    I may have the opportunity to do a bit off filming where fixing a camera to a car will be needed for the the majority of the project. (on the drivers door looking in at the driver and down by the front wheels)

    I've never ventured away from the heady heights of a tripod before and just wondered if anyone had any good tips? problems to avoid? like maximum safe speeds?

    I've seen some clamps I can hire that look the ticket -with big suction cups. I was obviously just a bit worried about sticking my camera anywhere away from my hands!

    Hope everyones well!

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    Hi Starkie

    Just go to the local car parts store and ask them for a "dent puller" (suction one) they hold around 100lbs and it's easy to mount a tripod head on it.

    There is a pic of the one I made on the link below

    Just scroll down and you will find it, a yellow one stuck to my old Ford Laser!! However a safety strap (attached to the camera, not the rig) is still worth having!!!! I think the device cost me $14 here!! (the tripod head and aluminium tube came out my scrap box!!)


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    Hi Softweigh,

    Your site its fantastic and very interesting! would your method stand up to the test of time - i.e a day of shooting?

    Thankyou for your response though -food for thought

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    If you're handy with tools then another thing worth looking at are glass lifters. Glaziers use them to lift sheets of glass. They consist of two or three serious suction cups with a strong handle. With a handfull of superclamps and a magic arm or two you can get some serious kit built and it'll hold heavy loads.

    Whatever you use, don't trust it for more than a few minutes without checking it. Anything which relies on suction can fail within a short preiod of time and without notice.

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    Wise words all round guys. If I'm honest i'm not really handy with tools. I reckon I will look into hiring or buying something. The more I think about it the more I feel worried I could end up sending my hard earnt camera sliding down the road!

    Do commercial clamps have any type of spped limit to them?

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