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Thread: Complete newbie needing some camera advice :)

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    Default Complete newbie needing some camera advice :)

    Hi, I'm a youth worker and some of the young people that I work with are looking to apply for funding to purchase some camera equipment.

    They want to use the equipment to make a film. The film will then be put onto DVD that can be shown to other young people and professionals.

    They have a budget of up to 2,000 - 2,500 for everything including camera, tripod, boom mic and camera light. They want the equipment to be at a semi professional standard. The equipment would need to be new, not secondhand as unfortunately the fund they are applying for will only fund new equipment.

    The camera would need to be easy to operate as most of them have no experience of using video equipment.

    I am not particularly worried about the format of the camera, as long as it's easy to operate and also easy to edit the film.

    If you also have any suggestions for video editing, I'd be really grateful. I have been told that Movie Maker on the Mac is relatively simple but never having used it I have no idea if it is simple or not!!

    Sorry for so many questions.

    Thanks in advance for any advice. As I don't know much about video equipment, I thought I'd ask some people in the know as we don't want to end up buying something that's a pile of rubbish, or difficult to operate.

    Kitty x

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    You should be able to get a new camera that will do the job for around 500 this leaves plenty of money for a microphone. A boom could be made from a paint roller extension pole. Most Panasonic, Sony, Canon video cameras around this price should be both simple to use and give a good image.

    The lights could be workman lights from Screwfix or B&Q about 15 each. You will need money for editing software as Movie Maker (which is Windows based not Mac) is not up to much. Money could be saved on this but using a free trail download from Sony, Pinnacle, Adobe etc.

    I'm just offering cheap alternatives if needed, just to help start the ball rolling on this thread.

    I would recommend shooting in Standard definition as trying to shoot in High Def can be troublesome for beginners.

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    Hi, thanks for your response. See I told you I was a complete newb, didn't even know movie maker was on microsoft. I think they must have been talking about imovie because they definitely said it was on the mac.

    I have been looking at this camera and wondered if you had any idea of it's suitability for what we need it for?

    Sony HVR - HD1000E

    This one appeals because of the price. Package number 4 seems to have everything that we would need. Packages I don't know if this is a lazy way of doing things and whether it might work out cheaper buying the items individually?

    Not knowing a lot about cameras and camera equipment, I am using google to find equipment and don't know if I am looking in the right places and whether there are other online shops that are more competitive with their prices.

    Thanks for all your help.

    Kitty x

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    I regard myself as to much of a newb to recommend specific cameras, Also I prefer Panasonics so I am bias. I hope some of the other people in the forum can advise you. In your camera choice make sure you take into account that the kids will have to learn how to use the camera. Do you have a camera mentor or is that your job as well?

    I've spoken to the guys at Creative Video and found them very helpful. It might be worth phoning them and explain your needs. Their prices seem similar to ProActive who seem very reputable but I have never dealt with them. Buying in a package can often work out cheaper, I would recommend getting a shopping list together and getting at least 3 quotes.

    I would say the items in package 4 are the sort of things you would be able to get a reasonable result with but REMEMBER THIS, if I drove Jensen Buttons formula 1 car I would not be the F1 champion. It's the way the equipment is used not just having the right equipment.

    Good luck.

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