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    So listen, I just started to work with camera and I don't understand in Pixels and Resolution. What are Megapixels and what influence do they have on resolution? Yea, and also what is the point of Many megapixels?I have Sony HDR-SR10 and it has an AVCHD resolution (1920x1080) and its only 4.0
    megapixels. what the point in more megapixels like 5,6,7? Why do sellphones have them? What effect does it all have?
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    Dear Mr Monkey,

    The generally speaking the more pixels the better the quality of the image when shown on a high pixel monitor. The best TV's out at the moment are HDTV's with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 = 2,073,600 pixels. or just over 2 mega pixels

    Digital Cameras of 5,6,7,8,9,10 Mega Pixels take pictures of a much higher resolution than video cameras.

    You could say the more dots the more potential information available in the image. So the bigger the image can be reproduced without it loosing to much clarity.

    Example: You wouldn't usually want to watch standard definition TV on a 50" screen sitting 2 foot away, as all you would see is blurry dots.

    Hope this clarifies you confusion.

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    So why do I need 4 megapixels in my camera? if you said that the maximum of our technology for today is 1920x1080 which takes 2 megapixels, what can you I with 4???

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    And also, does it have something with the screen size?

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    I believe the sensor is 4megapixels. Still taken with the camera are up tp 4 megapixels. The formaty of the video is 1920 x 1080 ei about 2MP cos that's the format for highest resolution HD video (at consumer level, anyway)

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    the 2mb is fine for 1080x1920, but remember that that is for one colour,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Z Cheema View Post
    the 2mb is fine for 1080x1920, but remember that that is for one colour,
    Oh no you had to through in a spanner when I was trying to keep it really simple for him.

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    Another spanner to throw into the works is that Sony sometimes claim 4MP form there video cameras when there CCDs are only 2MP they use interpolation to create more pixels than there chips are capable of producing, this happened to a friend who couldn't understand why his 4MP? Sony HD camera had such poor resolution compared to his 3MP still camera, he was not to please when he found his video camera in reality only had a 2MP chip.
    From what I have read you get the best video from a video camera that has a chip that has the same resolution as the video, ie. 1920x1080 for avchd. maybe that's changing with these new still cameras that take 1280x720P video from 12MP or more CCD or CMOS chips

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    Lets hope Mr Monkey can handle a world that is full of grey and not just black and white.

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    I'm sorry, my english is not so good.
    Do you mean that if I can have many mega pixels, my camera will not use them all? what does it mean when I have lower resolution with higher num of pixels.

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