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Thread: getting video to show on the computer (help, should=easy)

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    Default getting video to show on the computer (help, should=easy)

    Hi, I'm a bit new to editing any camcorder footage but i need to know how to generally do it.

    I used premier to capture the footage but it takes LOTS of room on the hard drive (a Gig for 5 minutes) plus what plays is very choppy (I've tried it in the vlc player and the windows media player) but good quality nonetheless (i suppose the reason is because its too big of a file to play so fast)

    How do people convert this raw footage (.avi) to something usable. I dont care how much space it takes up i just need it to be usable and watchable. besides I have an spare 200 Gb hd on ita anyway :p

    If i wanted, how can i just hook up the camera and have it play full screen without have anything captured to the hd. Is there anything that will do this?

    Plus when i try to convert the raw footage to a .avi it takes a real long time for a five minute clip and the result is smaller but still very choppy and unusable.

    I have a 3.2 ghz p4 with 2g ram and a 9800 pro. and have both premier and aftereffects at my disposal.

    ANY help will be useful. just tell me the basic outline of what the pros do. What i really want is to be able to open up a video file thats 2 hrs long and watch it a smooth 30 fps and sound too.

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    You need to do some reading my friend. Browse through the forums and take a look at - what you are asking are the fundamentals of digital video which is a tad too comprehensive for one post.
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