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Thread: How can I find my panasonic video camera's preset?

  1. Default How can I find my panasonic video camera's preset?

    Using a Panasonic NV-GS35 video camera. I want to edit some footages captured by this camera but I do not it's preset. How can I find the preset of this camera?

    I lost it's manual, tried to find one online but doesn't have an english maual for this specific brand. Only in spanish.

    I have some other brands of camera too and I want to know it's presets too. How?

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    Preset for what exactly?

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    Try THIS LINK for the English manual

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    Preset for the footages I've captured for the camcorder. After you open CS4 at the new sequence menu. It will give out a whole bunch of presets. That's the one I need to know.

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    I'm not familiar with CS4 so I don't know all the settings it asks for. BUT your camera is a normal MiniDV Standar Definition, with a 4:3 aspect ratio, 25fps. Did you see my link to the manual above?

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    Thanks! That certainly narrows it down a little. I've checked the manual, But unfortunately I can't get much sense out of it.

    Should I use 32 or 48Khz?, What if I want to make my footage seem wide screen(16:9) when I export it out ?

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    Does CS4 have some sort of import wizard to make it easier for you. Khz has to do with importing the audio or sound that was recorded with your video.

    Remember your camera records in 4:3 ratio so if you try and make your video 16:9 it will either stretch the image and make people look short and fat or you will have black borders.
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    Can I suggest you download an application that can tell you exactly what your video is. This is the one I use MediaInfo its free which is always nice.

    It shows you a lot of information regarding your video files which can then help you to choose the correct preset.

    This type of software is particuarly useful for the more obscure cameras which perhaps dont always obey the video standard rules.

    Good luck.

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