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    Question Need Help Cropping Video

    Hey guys. I have a DVD that I want to copy and burn to another DVD. The only thing I want to do is to edit the very beginning of the movie out. So of course this will sacrifice the title menu of the dvd, but again all I need is the movie anyway, minus about the first 15 seconds. I have access to any of the major video editing programs and have a dvd burner on my computer. I do not know what format I need to save the edited video file to before I go to burn it on a cd. I also heard that if you have other programs running while you're burning or editing a video that it will result in a lower quality of a video. Is this true? Any input or advice will be much appreciated. God bless.

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    Just copy the .vob file of the movie from the original DVD without the other stuff, if you just need the movie. Place this into any editing program. Do your edit. Save it as an MPEG4 format or make a disk straight from your editing program.

    It's a good idea not to have other programs running while doing this as it could slowdown the process or affect it in a way that could cause a corrupted file.

    Hope this helps.

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    I will try this. Thank you a whole lot.

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    Hey I finally figured out how to get it working, but now I've ran into another problem. It says that the VOB is copy protected. Do you know of a program that doesn't care if you edit it?

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    Sorry can't help with that.

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