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Thread: Best settings for Premier CS3 outpout

  1. Default Best settings for Premier CS3 outpout

    I am working on a music video , after i add all my effects and etc, then i have to turn into an AVI or some..
    i select "Export to movie" and my final output is DV AVI
    but if i goto Medeia encoder
    there will give me more selections of biterate , Codecs ans etc...

    can someone tell me what is a the best setting for a simple 5 min music video

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    I think it depends where you want to put the video. If you want it on YT then it's best to look up what are the best formats for it, I think it's mpeg, H.264...

    Otherwise I don't think it's wise to mess with the codecs, while the best bit rate is 8 - as far as I know. 32 bits is used if you're using After Effect to generate an effect that really needs 32 bits, but otherwise you should be fine with 8 bits.

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    Ok thanks for your reply buddy !! i did a bit more research on and found out that Lagarith codec is very good and now i am using Lagarith codec and as far as YT videos, yes there is a guide, which i followed , basically i used Mpeg2 with 1280x720

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    Cool! Thanks for the info on Lagarith codec! I didn't know that

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    here is the link, download it , as they say its a lossless codec
    Lagarith Lossless Video Codec - Video software and downloads -

    i was impressed and i am using it now !!

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    Thank you ))

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