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Thread: Converting encoding questions! Please answer.

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    Default Converting encoding questions! Please answer.

    Okay, I have a question about encoding video. I see in the faq that if you make your vid smaller in HD space then you will have worse quality and if you try to make a video higher quality from original file it won't do anything, like a MP3 to a WAV. Im a little confused about this, and the link they provided for more details doesn't work.

    So I have a .mkv vid file that I want to convert to .mp4 so I can watch it on my PS3, and my video converter asks what video bitrate I want, what fps I want, and the resolution, so if I try to make any of these higher than the originals is, it would only make it more space in my HD and wont make the quality better at all? Would it even make it worse? And can I make my video file into a progressive scan vid somehow, I see there's a de-interlace option, is that what you put yes in for progressive scan?

    I would also like to know if fps is the same thing as Hz. Also, which video encoding, transcoding, or converting software you pros use? I use the 4Media converter. Sorry about all the noob questions, but it would be much appreciated if someone would answer them.

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    I'll try and help as much as I can but I'm not an encoding expert and not being familiar with your set up I can only speak in general terms.

    What you are saying about the file size is basically correct. You can down grade the video to get smaller size files. You can not improve the quality of a video with encoding only. If you have a high bit rate this will give you a bigger file than if you choose a lower bit rate but the quality will be better at the higher rate. Some codecs are better than others at encoding video so you will have to do some trials to see what codecs and settings is ok for you. If you are burning on to a DVD to watch on a PS3, providing the movie is not to long, you should be able to have a high bit rate and still fit it on to a 4.7Gb DVD using mpeg4. I would recommend keeping size and fps as the original unless you know you have to change them.

    Hz is related to the refresh rate of your monitor or TV screen and the fps is the number of frames that will be shown per second. For example a normal film movie camera would record at a rate of 24 frames per second. UK TV is 25 fps. US TV 30 fps.

    I hope this starts to point you in the right direction. This is not a definitive word on encoding.

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