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Thread: How to use digital camera as portable video player

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    Default How to use digital camera as portable video player


    I'm a film student and have recently purchased a Sony DSC H20. Sometimes, I have the need to share some particular piece of video editing or scouting footage with my team-mates, and would find it quite convenient to be able to upload video clips to my camera and use it as portable video player (I don't own an ipod or anything more portable than my H20).
    My intention was to find out which kind of video my camera used and just export from Premiere to that format. I wasn't so lucky. A GSpot report of a video recorded by the H20 indicates that the camera uses the "mp4v" codec for video and aac lo for audio.
    I tried encoding my clips in some MPEG-4 presets offered by Adobe Premiere and Super Converter, as well as the Sony PSP H.264 Premiere preset. The camera couldn't play them.
    As well as the codec issue, I'm not exactly sure what should I do in order for the camera to see the alien video files. Just dropping them in the video folder did not work. I also tried to replacing a camera recording with one of my own videos and I got a "Format Error" message.

    Is there any way to make this work? Right now I'm just recording the PC monitor, but of course it looks awful and takes more time.

    Thank you for your time!


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    Can you confirm - does GSpot also report that your new file (exported from Premiere) also uses "mp4v" and "aaa lo"?

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    No, it doesn't, but I haven't figured out the proper encoder settings.

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