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Thread: Inserting still images?

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    Default Inserting still images?

    Hi all

    I am about to buy my first camcorder but on my budget I cant afford one that produces descent still images, so am considering buying a camcorder and an 8/10 megapixal camera to do the job. I am making a video which incorporates stills.

    The question is, can I import still images(from camera) from my computer to the video editing software provided with the camcorder or do I have to use the camcorders still images?

    Any feedback would be appreciated, thanks

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    Better to take your still images using a digital camera. The files are usually jpegs or tiffs and can be opened in a video editor. Just drag them down onto the timeline.

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    Thanks Nikosony, thats cleared that up


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    It's a good idea to remember the aspect ratio of the video when you are taking the still images though. Still cameras tend to be 3:2 OR 5:4 as opposed to the 16:9 OR 4:3 of video footage.
    The still images are (normally) bigger than the video frame, so you need to remember that when composing. You can get them down to size easily enough, but mind you don't chop anything important off.

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    Thnks Ian, I suppose I could change the format size to suite the video format or visa-versa.


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    I use Photoshop to resize the image to what I want in the video using the crop tool set to the video dimensions (normally 1920x1080 for me) although that is so long as I don't want to pan or something like that.

    The majority of NLE's will do a reasonable job, but, coming from a still photography background I prefer to have a finished image to drop in on the timeline. But that is a personal choice.

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    I have photoshop elements so that should do the trick

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    Ok heres a question, when inserting an image into video editing software, what size is sufficient (megapixels)? before it looks too grainy on a regular sized tv. Would a camera say 5 megapixels be ok?

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    A 5mp camera will be more than adequate. Full HD Video (1920 x 1080) is only around the 2mp mark, so anything above that will work (allowing for the crop mentioned earlier)
    If you are working in standard definition, virtually any still camera will do the job (including some mobile phones!)


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    Ace! that will save me buying a camera, my mobile will do the job!

    A virtual pint on its way Ian.

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