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    Hi everyone,

    Just joined and looking for advice.

    I have a lot of Video8 cassettes that need to be transferred to DVD. The recordings were done between 1991-1999 on a Canon E-something-or_another which has long since packed up.

    I recently bought a Sony DCR TRV275E Hi8 camcorder on eBay by mistake as it was not backward compatible - it would not play my recordings.

    So to be on the safe side I am looking at buying a Canon Video8 camcorder.

    However, to widen my choice I have been looking at other manufacturer models e.g. Samsung, JVC, etc and checking if they are backward compatible.

    Ok, here are the dumb questions:

    1. Can Video8 recordings be played back on any model of Video8 camcorder?

    2. Can any Digital8 and Hi8 camcorder that will playback Video8 recordings do so if they were recorder on another manufacturers camcorder? i.e. if there was a Digital8 Samsung that can play Video8 recordings then would it play my Canon Video8 recordings.

    Hope these made sense.

    Thank you and any replies would be much appreciated.

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    1 yes
    2 yes

    problemscan happen if recordings are done in LPmode and /or if the mechanish is out of bonk slighlty

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    Many thanks for the confirmations.



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