Hi Everyone,

I have an audio problem while burning .avi movie to a dvd with Premiere Encore (actually also with Nero).
The strange thing is that not all the audio is gone, some pieces are still there, but mostly there is no sound at all. Unfortunately I only got an exported avi file (All the audio layers are melted together) left to work with.

Another thing I don't get is that when I import my file into Premiere all the audio is still there. So the file seems good, but in fact something isn't right?! The dvd burning software (Encore and Nero) has skipped the same audio parts. When I play the dvd on my computer it works (all the audio is there) but when I try to play it on several dvd-players (connected to the television) the same audio problem occurs. The audio problem only occurs with one file, i burned to .avi's on the dvd, the other one is fine.

I really hope you can help me out!
Thanks a lot!