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Thread: Is a BlueRay Burner worth the investment

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    I'm at a cross roads on what to do with my HD footage. I use a HD Sony Camcorder that records to DV tape. I edit this in Sony Vegas 8 (mid level version) and for now either leave it on my large hard drive or save back to DV tape to share with others (requiring me to haul the camera around as a playback device). When I went with this system I had visions of eventually getting a HD burner on my computer to burn HD DVDs. Of course that would mean most people would have to have an HD player to view them, which still hasn't happened.

    So my question is do you think this is a dying medium. Seems like more and more things are going to HDDs or Flash Memory. I don't want to make an investment in a burner if in 5 years it will not matter.

    Also, I assume I can burn a blueray disk with Vegas 8. In other words, its a complete package right?

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    Have you answered your own question ?

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    Just trying to get some other thoughts on this subject. I just started getting back into video editing this week after about a year's hiatus. A lot changes in a year.

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    Exactly the point. you said "I don't want to make an investment in a burner if in 5 years it will not matter." When it comes to IT 5 years is like a life time compared to other kinds of products. At the moment the Camcorder industry is moving at a fair lick of speed technology wise I don't think it's going to stop. It seems, to me, to be moving away from recording on tape and moving to solid state memory cards. Which format it will end up in will depend on Sony, Panasonic, etc. example, the price of Panasonic P2 cards has more than halved in a short space of time. HD will be old hat in 5 years time, there is already talk of something called "Super HD". Etc etc etc.....

    You have to make your own decisions based on how much you want something right now based on available collateral, practicability etc.

    Back to the original question. I will be getting a Blue Ray recorder when I upgrade my PC needs, which will be soon. You have to assess if you will get the use out of it based on your circumstances.
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    I supply around 10% of my jobs on Blu-ray. Dying it's not. Remember how long DVD took to catch on? Joe public were cold to it, because "it can't record like my VHS can". They didn't 'get' that it was a high quality playback medium. (And yet CD players had been around for years!!) BR is actually ahead of DVD in the speed it's being taken up. As Mr Blue sez; 5 years is a lifetime in the PC world (No pun intended ) Nothing is future proof.
    You could buy something like this: WD TV Overview

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    No need to be so formal Archie call me Midnight. Another big thing this year is 3D. Movies, TV, Games etc...

    Nvidia have made some 3D Glasses

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    Quote Originally Posted by Midnight Blue View Post
    No need to be so formal Archie call me Midnight. Another big thing this year is 3D. Movies, TV, Games etc...

    Nvidia have made some 3D Glasses

    This is the kind of thing that I thought. If the overall trend is away from DVD purchasing then it is slowly dying off. Think I will wait till folks start using solid state for everything. I just want a foolproof way to archieve my HD movies and I'm kind of glad we will be getting away from the cumbersome/messy DVD authoring game. What a pain that is.

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    You'll be waiting a long time for that! There will never be a foolproof way to archive. The same argument has been going on for years. You'll probably be collecting your pension before "folks start using solid state for everything". It'll never happen. Has everyone got an HD TV? Has everyone even got a DVD player?

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    To be honest Archie, everyone I know do have these, Even my mothering Law ! BUT I take your point about the take up of things. I was one of those who rushed out and got a 720p HDTV I now wish I'd waited and got a 1080p set. That's just how it goes with technology.

    I think a lot of it is deliberate by the manufacture, they trickle out something then in 6 months bring out the new improved version which they could easily have released in the first place. They make more money, I spend more money and so the circle is complete.

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