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Thread: 9x9TV looking for quality indie content

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    Default 9x9TV looking for quality indie content

    9x9 can give your indie film & video projects exposure and earn you a significant revenue stream by bringing your content to a worldwide TV audience.

    9x9 (9x9 Network) brings internet content to the living room to be consumed on the big screen TV rather than on the PC.

    As a 9x9TV content partner, you would benefit from:

    continuous revenue stream through advertisement revenue sharing,

    network in place to promote and distribute your content to the TVs of a highly targeted audience,

    9x9 is a well-funded Silicon Valley based company. There are already two
    million users on the 9x9TV global network and we will be launching our new service in Q1 2010.

    To find out more, please contact us at
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