Hi everybody, i've a little problem. I've to do an authoring for a dvd. I have psd files of the english version and i've to modify them for another language version and then put them togheter with Adobe Encore.
But in the folder i've these files:
- 02_SETUP_PAL.psd
- 03 SCENES 1-4_PAL.psd and so on
've no problem with 02, 03 and so on, but with the 01. 01_MAIN MENU_TEXT_PAL.psd is the background, just with the text, but what could be01_MAIN MENU_VIDEO_PAL? I think that this file, with no extension, is something like a loop video. I analyzed it with MediaInfo and this is the result:
Format: Mpeg-4
Format Profile: Quick Time
Codec id: qt
So it's a video, but I can't open it neither with encore, nor with vlc or quicktime. Can anyone explain me what type of file could it be and how can I modify it?