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Thread: Prem. Elements8: can't render as uncompressed AVI

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    Default Prem. Elements8: can't render as uncompressed AVI

    I just installed the trial version of Premiere Elements 8. I wanted to test its ability to render high-quality avi files.

    I am able to play in, Windows Media Player, uncompressed avi files produced by other video editing packages; I wanted to see how Premiere Element's uncompressed AVI files compare.

    I took two, 7-second avi clips, put them into the timeline, and added a simple dissolve transition between them.

    Under the Share section, I chose Uncompressed AVI as the format.

    As my clips lacked audio, I specified that audio should not be rendered. I rendered the clips. It created a large (apx 400 mb) file. When I tried to play it in Windows Media Player (v11) I first saw a message saying, "Looking for codec" (or words to that effect), followed shortly after by a message saying "Codec acquired". But then I got a message saying that the file was unplayable, and was offered on online Microsft link to solve the problem. It took me to an audio-related page which seemed to be of no particular help.

    So I tried rendering as uncompressed audio again, this time specifying that audio should also be rendered (even there is no audio with my clips). I changed the sample rate from 48 khz to 44 khz, a rate I usually use with Windows Media Player.

    When I tried to view the result in Windows Media Player, I got no error messages. Instead I just got a black screen. I could see that a file was playing (the navigation slider at the bottom was moving, and the time counter was progressing) , but there was no image.

    What might I be doing wrong?

    I've used Premiere Elements 1 for years. But if version 8 cannot handle this very simple task, I won't buy it.

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    Can you copy and paste the video and audio information in the settings dialogue box in your next post, so we can have a look at the settings you are using and maybe make some suggestions? It's difficult to say what is going wrong without the details.

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