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    Hello everyone, me and a few friends have recently started our own small skit show called "A Slice of Pie" The show consists mainly of a bunch of random skits, just wanted to get everyones opinion, and possibly some tips on editing. I'm fairly new to the world of editing so this stuff might seem pretty amature.

    YouTube - asliceofpiefilms's Channel

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    Sorry but I bailed at 1"30. Your intro is far far too slow introducing the characters and your opening skit is not funny at all.

    Go straight into some of your best skits then speed the intro up so all the characters have been introduced in max 30 seconds.

    I can't comment on the rest due to bailing but its important you know when people bail.

    Best of luck

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    Ditto Shrimpy. Intro far too long. Lost interest.

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