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    Alright so here's the dealio. Got about 550 saved up, and am working to that 1K mark. I have been looking at some camcorders, and at the moment use a JVC Everio camcorder. Have had it for a few years and want to upgrade to something better. Now, if anybody knows a camera that combines these things, it would be helpfull:

    1. Connects to PC to edit

    2. Able to plug in external mics.

    I saw one for 1200 while walking around BestBuy, probably not the best idea I think. I am looking for something a bit more pro, and that would last me a few years. Right, thank you in advance, I'll continue searching Google. Night.

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    All camcorders can be connected to a computer so that is a quite a range you are talking about. Either using a USB cable or Firewire and dare I say it a HDMI cable if you can get a computer with a HDMI in socket or capture card that has one. Not too many models in the 550 ? range have mic sockets, some Canons do but you need to spend more. Getting a professional camcorder for 1000 ? is out the question, the best you can do is get a high defintion model (Panasonic, Sony or Canon) that records either to memory card or built in memory or a combination of both.

    A Canon HV-40 is a HDV model and records onto tape, is it tape you want to record onto or a non tape camcorder?

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    Well, I would like a non-tape camcorder. I am trying to stay away from Cameras like this one, but a person at my school has it and looks pretty nice.

    Canon VIXIA HV40 High Definition Camcorder

    Anyone have any recomendations other than this one? I am looking on the site for some camcorders.

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    I don't know why you would say you want to stay way from a camera like the Canon VIXIA. In your price range it's a really nice camera.

    If you are looking for something more like these you need to save up a bit longer.

    I would recommend checking out the Sony, Canon and Panasonic websites and find the camera that you want. Read some professional reviews to help give you an idea about the capabilities of the cameras.

    Then look for a good deal on the web. Good luck.

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    Yeah, I was looking for those types, but probably way to early for me. Aha, thanks a lot I'll check those out.

    Last one. Say I find the camera I want on It's safe to buy from them right? Probably yes, but my mom will be skeptical spending a grand on a website.

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    Safe, yes but expensive. I'm sure if you google the camera you want you will get a much better deal. It's at this point you need to be a bit more careful about who you buy from.
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