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    Iím currently making a fan video. The problem is the transitions offered in Vegas arenít always exactly what I want. Are there any tutorials that are simple enough to understand that show you how to customize transitions - or even make your own? Alternatively, I could do with simply knowing how to change the length, amount of light etc. in the transitions. Are there any easy-to-understand tuts about this. Iíve had a look around, but canít find much which makes sense.

    My other query is I would like to know how to blend two or more clips together within a video. Iíve seen a few videos on doing split screens, but the issue there is that itís always obvious itís a split screen - where as I want it to look, effectively, like itís the same clip and symmetrical etc.

    If anyone knows of any useful tutorials or has ideas about either of these things then that would be very much appreciated :]

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    Transitions: WHen you drop a transition on a crossfade, or if you Right-Click on the transition on the timeline, you will get a dialog box titled "Video Event FX"
    Within this dialog you can change various parameters of the transition (the exact parameters depend upon which transition you're using).
    Furthermore, there is a timeline along the bottom of the "Video Event FX" dialog. If you drag the timeline cursor (within the dialog, that is) and adjust one or more parameters, you create a "keyframe". Drag the cursor back and watch the parameters change. So, you can use keyframes to set the precise settings of each parameter within the transition at a precise poit in time. This gives you tremendous flexibility.
    Check out the intereactive turtorials under Help.

    "Blending" clips. Place your videos on different tracks. Apply the "Cookie Cutter" FX to the upper track. Choose your shape, adjust the amount for feathering and job done.

    Of course that relies on the cookie being the right shape.

    If you have a different shape you can create a mask in a drawing package (Greyscale image where the White arts represent thepasrt of the image you want to show and black are the bits you dont) then use the Mask FX.

    If you have Vegas Pro then you want to use BEZIER MASKS to create irregular shapes which also allows you to feather the edges of the mask. Bezier masks are available in the Pan & Crop dialog.

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