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Thread: 7D low light video (iso 6400)

  1. Default 7D low light video (iso 6400)

    [ame=]High Line Twilight: Canon 7D, ISO 6400, 720/60P on Vimeo[/ame]
    lots of iso 6400 (noise reduction in post)

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    Hi Mike

    I don't have the knowledge to appreciate some of the finer technical aspects of your film but I do realise that iso 6400 is a fast speed and one which I would normally expect to create a lot of noise in your picture. I saw none however I watched in the normal size vimeo window rather than trying to blow it to full screen. (bandwidth issues where I am).

    My persoanl reaction to this one is its a bit too 'arty' for me There, that shows my lack of appreciation for the arts Some of the images you captured are quite beautiful and I enjoyed those for there rather strident colour.

    I have to say the music was blooming awful for me but thats a personal thing and I can imagine many would like it. It almost made me bail but I kept with it.

    There were a couple of issues with the flow of time, light levels were falling but then grew bright again as though we had gone back in time.

    Whatever, its one heck of a camera.

    Thanks for posting.

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    I thought iso in stills cameras was about the lightness level. If it means something else I don't know what iso means. Isn't iso some sort of international standard.

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    ISO is the same as ASA and is a way of measuring the sensitivity of film. So a film emulsion with a sensitivity of 500 ISO will be twice as sensitive as a 250 ISO film. This means that, in the same light levels, the 250 ISO film will need one stop more exposure.

    Most video cameras have a nominal ISO rating of about 500 ISO but that can be adjusted by adding gain.

    So 6400 ISO is f***ing sensitive or "fast" as they call it.

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    I knew it had something to do with an international standard and film.

    On my wifes Nikon digital she can emulate the iso. I know if she starts to go above 800 the images start to get grainy. So as you say Gaffer, 6400 ISO is flipping sensitive or "fast" Thanks for the answer.

    The Canon 7D sure does produce a nice video image in Mike's hands.

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    The camera is a virtuoso instrument in your hands Mike.
    The clarity & detail you achieve & the surrealness you imbue these short films with is breathtaking.
    We didn't even mind the music this time but still feel it never quite does your films justice.

    Sarah & Allison & Tina

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    thanks Sarah & Allison & Tina

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    A very good montage of shots in New York by night. You got very good results from the low light shooting and the noise level is imperceptable (I think that's a word lol) anyway, very good shots but the change from fast motion to slow motion and from colour to greyscale was a bit jarring for me. I would have tied a colour to a speed, the slow motion could have been in greyscale or the fast motion in colour. Much better title sequence aswell.

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