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Thread: HELP WANTED!!! Choppy Preview Window

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    Angry HELP WANTED!!! Choppy Preview Window

    I recently began editing video with Vegas 9 and after about week or two of use one day the preview window became VERY choppy, pixelated, and slow. What was really strange was that none of the settings in the computer or vegas had been changed. I read some stuff and people said to change it to "high priority" through the task manager so I tried that. When I did that, it was still very pixleated but it wasnt slow, also it was still a little choppy but there werent nearly as many frames dropped. BTW Now that I changed it to "high priority" when the video is stoped or paused the image in the preview window is crystal clear, before I changed this setting (once this problem started) it wasnt.

    I have NO CLUE whats going on, I talked to a friend and they said it could be bad ram but I dunno. PLEASE HELP! Thanks guys.

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    Try changing the preview window settings, also have lots of filters on clips can cause the problem

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    I did try all the different settings in the preview window but they all look the same. hats weird is that a week ago I could run Vegas flawlessly with the preview window on the best settings.

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    What's the state of your hard disk(s) - especially the one with the video source on? Have you made sure it's thoroughly defragmented?

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    Lots of layers can also be a problem... Have you tried rendering it?

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    You could check how much RAM is allocated to Dynamic Ram Preview in preferences ( Video tab) although if you have not changed anything the more likely scenario is that your PC has become less well equipped to deal with Vegas. There could be a variety of reasons including a congested hard disk as has already been suggested. You need to do a thorough clean up of your PC...defrag, clean files, get rid of restore points if you using Vista, Check for anything running in background mode and make sure you can stop it when using Vegas....e.g.backup, virus scans etc....clean the register, stop anything uneccessary in the start up. Once you have done all that make sure your hard disk is no more than 80% full...if it is clear out some files to an e xternal drive or delete them. It helps to try to stop your PC trying to go back and forth to the same storage source for what it needs. When you are editing it is running..the op system, Vegas, accessing the Vegas project file location, the source video file location, the graphics controller. If all of those are on C: and with no partitions....RAM is going to take a heavy battering acting as a buffer. Preferably separate the app from the source/data files in terms of storage location.

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