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Thread: First wedding clips

  1. Default First wedding clips

    Hi all,

    You may remember me posting a while ago about sd hd for a startup business. Well i shot the wedding and here's some clips for you to rip apart.. please be kind



    Look forward to hearing your thoughts
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    please be kind
    OK!, very good for a first attempt. You have some nice shots there. However, most were ruined by shaky footage and unmotivated zooms. There was no real sense of direction and no audio to compliment the visuals, but maybe thats too harsh for a first time.

    I can see you can cut to music, but it's not always about that.....!!

    Well done, keep going.



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    Cheers Guys, It's good to hear what other poeple bar my wife think.. Just a bit of info about the shaky footage.. You may see on vimeo some other footage which show's the camera has some serious faults. This footage was sent to canon along with my camera straight after the wedding and the whole internals were knackered including the gyro unit.. Basically the whole wedding was shot without image stabilization and bad jerkiness as the lens unit inside was loose which can be seen in the footage. Tried my best in motion and i'll revisit some of the bad ones again before i send them the disk.. Of all the times for my brand new camera to fail it has to be on my first, but hey ho thats weddings for you..

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    In the title you spelt "Preparations" as "Preperations", was this intentional?

    Otherwise wot GDR and Z Cheema said.

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    You have some really nice framing there. It stands out on most shots, but is absolutely ruined (been said aready I know) by your constant zooms.

    Nice compostion stands up in it's own right, don't feel you have to constantly do something. The pan across to the couple works great. But zooms . . . No!!

    The bridge shots - same again. Why not just let them walk through the shot?
    Learn to stay put sometimes and you'll see it works so much better.

    1st time - Well done!
    My opinions are just that . . . Mine. It's not personal, but is based on my emotional and professional reaction to requested critique. If you choose to ignore constructive comments, I'll just assume you're a vanity poster and not posting to improve your filming and editing skills.

    Ex A.P.V Videomaker of the year - Ex M.M. IOV Come join my EXclusive club

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Gaffer View Post
    In the title you spelt "Preparations" as "Preperations", was this intentional?

    Otherwise wot GDR and Z Cheema said.

    It wasnt intentional and has already been changed in final cut but didnt re-output for vimeo..

    Thanks everyone for the comments.. Your right I did feel as though I should be doing something with the camera all the time.. I'll remember this next time and keep zooms to a minimum..

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    There is anti-shake software out there, so you may be able to steady the footage and save it.

    Try different music that may make the shakes work better.
    If shot in HD use the de-shaker as you can always re-frame without to much loss when you render to DVD.
    Try using half frame rate eg 12 1/2 instead of 25 that can help sometimes.

    Look at one of my clips here and See a de-shaker working (from 1:17) I am on full zoom and leaning on a lamppost, sorry against a wall...
    [ame=]Joanna & Chris 11th April 2009 Civil Service intro on Vimeo[/ame]
    (sorry its long clients request)

    I have the copyright on glow and single colours around here and GDR has light rays

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    Quote Originally Posted by Z Cheema View Post
    I have the copyright on glow and single colours around here and GDR has light rays
    Ok whats my copyright... Shaky footage with unmotivated zooms

    You mentioned using half frame rates.. How do i do this in final cut pro? For slow motion I've just been doing a 50% speed change.

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    I have the copyright on glow and single colours around here and GDR has light rays

    Somehow I think this may haunt me forever....

    Love your picture Z. Where did you get that from...very cool...



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