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    Question VegasMSPlatinum8+MP3+audio too slow too slow

    I'm using AVI's of animation I've made (24fps) and want to use MP3's for the music track. A few weeks back when, for the first time, I rendered to WMV it worked fine. Simple, I thought. Now, when I try to do the same, the sound plays back too slow. I can't see what I'm doing differently, nor can I find any setting that solves it. I tried the same with Media Studio and the result was the same: audio too slow. Meanwhile the first attempts I made are still there, mocking me with their perfection. It's driving me nuts. Can anyone help?
    I've found something on the web which relates to my problem and it seems that the 24 frames per second rate of the avi is slowing down the MP3 music through trying to compensate. The suggestion was made to render to QuickTime and I did and it works! This does not solve as to what to do about rendering to other formats such as WMV. It is all about codecs, I know that much, but what I can do about it is something else. Does anyone have an idea? The problem does not exist as far as the Vegas Movie Studio Manual is concerned.
    PS. When I stated above that my first efforts were 'perfect' I was wrong. It was that the few seconds of music I used did not make the slow render obvious, not having any vocals to it.
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