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Thread: Transferring everything to new PC

  1. Default Transferring everything to new PC

    We've pooled our resources & bought a new PC, one better suited for video editing.
    We've plugged our external hardrive which was our backup for everything we'd done on our project into the new PC & transferred everything onto the PC's large second drive.
    When we try to open any of the veg. files it cant find the media files because its set to look for them in their location on the old computer.
    How do we do this properly? I hate feeling stupid!



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    Quote Originally Posted by Sarah & Allison View Post
    How do we do this properly?
    Properly would be to re-assign what WAS your external to the NOW internal drive.


    Old Scenario: System Drive "C" (yes?) and External Drive "D" (yes?)

    New Scenario: System Drive "C" (yes?) and Internal Drive Drive "E" (yes?) - with your external drive still attached? Is that correct?

    The dumber way and MY way, is to open an OLD project and when I see lost file error I tell Vegas within Project Media where to go and look., which has always correctly located/found the Media for me.

    If you aren't comfortable about assigning drives, then read up on it. I had to do with a guy in the States virtually holding my hand - I mean "virtual" hand holding.

    So, I'm guessing you have at least 3 drives now?

    * System Drive

    * Big New Internal Drive - what drive letter has it been assigned?

    * An Existing and connected External Drive - what drive letter has it now?

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    Thanks for your reply Grazie.
    Sorry, we don't really understand your 'proper' method.
    We understand about reassigning drive letters but cant see what you are suggesting!
    The old PC had system drive C & external drive E.
    The new PC has a system drive C, a 1TB 2nd drive D & the old external drive with all our files F.
    I'm afraid when we started this project (it's a music video) we made loads of mistakes in our total ignorance of digital photography & video editing.
    But we did realise our PC wasn't up to the task & so broke the song down into sections (individual verses & chorues etc) & created these as individual sort of sub projects as we experimented.
    Consequently we ended up with a jumbled mass of .veg & media files.
    Now we have a decent PC & have learnt a bit from our mistakes we want to do things properly this time.
    But that's going to involve taking all the sub projects & giving them a makeover or redoing them & assembling them as the music video.
    The point I'm trying to make is we have a multitude of files to get Vegas to find
    so we'd rather not have to resort to that way if possible.

    Sarah & Allison & Tina

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    I think we might have worked this one out ourselves, we're so excited!

    1.Reconnect the external hard drive to old PC,
    2.Open Vegas,
    3.Open each .veg file,
    4.Click Save As & tick box 'Save media with project'. Save to ext hard rive
    5. Reconnect external hardrive to new PC
    6. Open .veg files from external hardrive

    If it doesn't work you'll have 3 suicidal women here tomorrow.
    Which sub forum is for them?

    Sarah & Allison & Tina

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    When Vegas opens and it cannot find the files it requires, it gives you the option to search for the files or you can locate them manually.

    As long as the files are connected to the system, ext or Int drive then a search should find the, or manually tel it where they are,once it finds one it says I have found more do you want them as well, if they are the ones just say YES..
    and hopefully you should be cooking on gas (bloody expensive as it is)

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    Thanks for your reply Z Cheema
    We did start to do it the way you described but when we came to nested files & Vegas couldnt find them we abandoned it.
    We're very relieved to say we have now managed to satisfactorily transfer everything using the way we discovered in our last post & will not be requiring the Samaritans after all!

    Sarah & Allison & Tina

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    next time it cannot find a nested VEG file is to make a dummy one of the same name , reload main file and then remove nested project from main project and start again.

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