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    I'm new here. Well I'm looking for a program or some kind of way that I can remove voices and sound effects from Video files from Dvd. Any video file. I've been looking for a way to do this for some time and still no help. Please Please Please help me out. Anyway that it can be removed will be helpful. Thanks in Advance.

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    Are you looking to remove all the sound from all the video or take off the talking but leave the music?

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    What you want to do is virtually impossible unless one scenario is in place. IF the soundtrack is stereo but the voice is dead centre of the stereo image, reversing the phase of one channel MAY remove it. (Essentially one channel will cancel out the other with anything in mono) If not - you're pretty much screwed, People may tell you it can be done with fancy e.q. work but you'll inevitably lose so much of the rest of the sound it'll sound bloody awful.

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    Midnight Blue: Take out the talking and leave the music. I've seen my friend do it before but she moved away and idk where she is now.

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    If the talking is at the same time as the music ie voice over background music. As Andy says. Its not really practical to try. If the music and voice is at different times then thats quite easy to alter the volume up and down at the right times.

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    should be able to do thi sin most audio programs, just make a mono copies of the stereo track and then to a phase inverse on one of them, Sony Vegas will doe this quite easy.

    The sound quality is not the best though as some instruments can be lost and there is still some vocals if there is reverb to one channel

    The outher ol fashion way is to remove th earths on a stero lead and you get basically the same effect

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