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    Ive just completed my fourth ever film and would appreciate some honest feedback. It was a real bitch to film and i fell out with all of the cast! but the end result is ok i think

    What do you think?

    PS. Its called Moving Shadows

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    Thanks for posting and I just watched your film all the way through. It takes guts to make a film like this and then subject it for critical feedback.

    I found the plot confusing and I still not sure what actually happened. There were a number of issues with the sound which was poor in places. A good horror story builds suspense and makes you anticipate things that may or may not actually happen. Its the fear of what may happen that makes horror work for me rather than the actual pay off of the gore. The blood effect looked a little watery.

    I didn't warm to any of the characters in the film therefore it didn't make me care what happened to any of them. Ten minutes is quite a long time and I felt that it unwound rather slowly, it was almost like it had been cut to maximise the ten minute limit on youtube. (if they still have that rule?)

    On the positive side the camera work and lighting was fine with some nice close ups of the characters. Clearly a hell of a lot of effort has been invested in the making of the film. For only your fourth film it was a good effort. For the next one concentrate more on the sound and making me fear what is about to happen on screen.

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    Thank man, i appreciate the feedback

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    A very good effort and I'm impressed with the amount of work which went into the production but...

    The sound was very disappointing. The conversation was unclear and the levels were all over the shop. There were a couple of moments where the music or atmosphere was way too loud and the talking way too soft. In fact I would go so far as to say that most of the text was very hard to understand, sometimes indecipherable.

    On a positive note: Apart from the first "Dinner Party" scene, I liked the way you worked with light on the subsequent outdoor scenes and the spooky interiors. A couple of focus issues but working in low light can make it difficult to see where the focus is.

    It has huge potential and could have been good but the awful sound quality really let it down.

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    I must say it's very courageous of you to post your movie here. I think the other guys have really said every thing. Sound is very important when making a movie. If you have dialogue it's really important that you can make out what's being said. You had good camera angles generally but like Gaffer said some focusing issues. I like that you made an effort with the lighting which I find is missing in some productions of this type. It's a cheap way to add "production value".

    The difficult storyline must have been difficult to edit, The way you had to keep the narrative but also keep the viewer wondering what was going on at the same time. I have to agree with Shrimpy said I didn't care about any of the characters so I didn't care who was dead or alive.

    Generally a good job. I look forward to your next movie.

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