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    Hi all. I came here with some questions a little over a year ago and got some really awesome advice from all you wonderful people, so I thought I'd come to you again.

    Ok, so I have After Effects CS4 v. 9. I'm still pretty new to it, but I know some of the basics (the extreme basics...) What I want to do is actually very simple, and there's probably a very simple way to do it, but it is eluding me.

    What I want to do is this: I am making a video project about my grandparents' life stories, and one of the things I want to do is to have an Indiana Jones-style world map to show their travels, with the little airplane and red line trailing behind it , to show all the places they've been (they've both lived really fascinating lives and traveled very extensively.) Anyway, I am not sure how to accomplish this.

    I already have my world map the way I want it. I downloaded maps of various continents, them put them all together in proportion in Photoshop the way I wanted them. This resultant map is, of course, pretty big. So, what I want to do now is zoom in on selected portions of this map, insert a picture of a little airplane, and draw a little red line trailing out form behind it, and animate the picture of the map so that it moves beneath the plane, creating the effect of the plane flying across the world.

    Anyway, any help you all could provide would be greatly appreciated. And I apologize if I repeated myself or wasn't clear in what I wanted. I'm running on about 10 minutes sleep in the past two days, heh...

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    There are a few tutorials about doing this sort of thing.

    Here's an After Effects Community Help search that pulls up a few, including this one from Aharon Rabinowitz.
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    I would use layers in AE and get yourself a small picture of a plane, I'm sure if you looked online you could find something suitable. I would keyframe the plane to move it between the various locations and possibly use a wipe to reveal the dotted red line (already drawn between the various locations - but hidden).

    Once you put all the elements onto separate layers you will have total control over them. The zooming in panning the map could also be done using keyframing, start at 100% or whatever size you need to fit the map in and then increase it to 150% or 200% etc.

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    Hey guys, thanks so much for the quick replies, and thanks for the awesome guides and advice. I knew there was a simple way to do what I wanted, and you guys have given me several different options. I appreciate the help, guys! I knew I could count on the wonderful people of this forum to help me out. ^_^

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