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    Smile Boy and Bike

    This is a very short montage that I put together quickly using shots from my two-day summer holiday this year. It's definitely short, but I thought I'd still post it up to get some feedback. Good or bad comments, they all help.
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    I really enjoyed your film and think you had some great close up shots in there. The length of the film is fine, one thing I have learnt here is that the size of the film is certainly no indication of its quality.

    You had some shaky shots in there and a large exposure difference in the tree bark shots. Its good to see you include yourself in the film however a little more practice is needed to to appear more natural and unaware of the camera.

    Not sure what the shot is after the snail?

    The music choice was a really good match for your footage and the titles are very good indeed.

    Good effort.

    I just checked out your website which looks really good. Full marks for layout and ease of use. I do question your show reel though, the horror section followed by someone's wedding do you really think that works?
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    Hi Shrimpfarmer, thanks for the feedback.

    Yeap, one thing I know for definite now is that I'm no actor. I prefer to write and edit. So while one option may be to practice being more natural in front of the camera, I think I'll just avoid being in shot from now on.
    The shot after the snail isn't really anything. Looking back at it, I think if I had more footage, I would have definitely replaced it with something more interesting.

    Thanks about the website. When I made the showreel, everyone was telling me to mix it up a lot, so those I was showing it to would quickly see I've done a lot of different stuff. I think when I make the next showreel with my 2009 films in though, I'll be organising it better like you suggested. I don't think I'll be putting horrors and weddings together.

    Thanks again.

    Any other thoughts?

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    I think you've got some really nice county side shots especially the macro shots with the short depth of field.

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