im having a problem with avi files... yes i can see them the video and the audio
but when i try editing such as rotoscoping doing something like "the clone effect"
the two clips starts flickering REALLY BADLY going on and off each other..and i have done reduce interlace flicker on both clips..thats what happens with my avi files..if i do with mp4 or divx or anything else.. i have no problem..but them files really slow down my sony vegas like hell

but the thing is.. i can do it on my old pc which is an XP but on this pc (vista) it does that really bad flickering problem which i dont want i really wanna keep this simple and just edit instead of using my old shit pc or converting clips then having slow sony vegas :(

to be honest i think its a video codec (or whatever) problem can somone give me help or advice how to fix this mad flickering clip problem..i really wanna get back to making a good series of videos for my thousands of youtube fans