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Thread: Movie/video editing (specifically mpg)

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    Unhappy Movie/video editing (specifically mpg)

    Hi, I am new on this forum and I need some help with editing video, specifically mpg-files.
    If you are experienced with this, please read the whole post.

    I have about 65gb of mpg-files.
    Movies of the family that my mother recorded between 1998-2009 on tape.
    They have been transferred to the computer as mpg-files through an automated software and now I want to edit them.

    I tried Windows Movie Maker but it just won't render the mpg-files when I publish the projects. The sound works but the video does not work. It is just black. This happens only with mpg-files and I am not about to convert 65gb of mpg to avi so that WMM can convert them to wmv so I can convert them back to mpg again to be able to burn them as a playable DVDs in the end.

    I need some suggestions on software that actually can handle mpg-files.

    So, what I REALLY want to see in a software is the ability to put out frame-specific markers in the timeline, tell the software to discard certain parts and then automatically save the rest of the parts in some sort of order like video1_part1, video1_part2, Video1_part3 etc etc.

    Also the ability to merge two mpg-files into one larger would be good in this case since the software that "recorded" the movies to the computer split the files at ~3,3gb automatically so they would fit on a DVD.

    But anyway, does anyone here have any experience with video editing and have a suggestion on recommended software?
    Preferrably freeware but if it gets the job done and especially if it is simple to use I would be willing to buy mentioned software as well.

    Also, if you could direct me to a tutorial for mentioned software or just give a few pointers for the batch-cutting I would be most thankful.

    Hoping for some quick and good replies.

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    If you do a search on Google you will see there are many trail down loads of video editing software available. Choose anyone of them and they will be able to do what you need.

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    Try this site, it may provide what you need, you can get a 30 day fully functioning trial and the software only costs $49.00.

    MPEG editor and DVD editor- Womble Multimedia, Inc.

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    @Midnight Blue: That's what I did but the software I did try out would either just not be able to handle mpg-files or, if they did, just be to cumbersome to work with. That is why I am askin you professionals for some tips.

    @Ausimax: After having a quick look at the product page and the tutorials it seems to fit my needs. I will try it out as soon as I get back on the computer with the files! Thanks!

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