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Thread: Big girls are beautiful :)

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    Default Big girls are beautiful :)

    One from a while back from me

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    I didn't know such things existed. I'm hardly a fan of models, but what caught my imagination was the potential of using large scale model aircraft in amateur films. The sorts of models I see flying around the local sites look like model, but these are large enough that shot from the right angles against the background can look full scale.

    That would be so much more satisfying than buying stock footage.

    And, I would hope, much cheaper than chartering a jet.

    The film itself manages to maintain interest by containing enogh shots of the aircraft taking off/landing - ie against a darkish background. As you are clearly aware, the problem with filming aircraft flying is the fact that they are generally silhouetted against the bright backdrop of the sky. Well avoided! Good use of "crowd" shots as cutaways as well.

    You made a reasonable job of keeping the aircraft properly framed whislt on zoom.

    It's a good memento for those who attended that event or attend similar events. It's hard to make it interesting for a more general audience - and I don't think that's really the aim of such films.

    I wish there was a way of making such things have a more general appeal - I'm sitting on close to three hours of footage of a local regatta which I'm expected to turn ito a film by January. Hmm

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    Nice film Shrimpy. Nicely put together. It certainly held my attention all the way through.

    You must have used manual to keep the planes nicely exposed which as Tim says mostly avoided silhouetting.

    Nicely composed shots and a good choice of music too.

    Thanks for sharing.

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    I think we've found one of your passions. I like what you did but don't get why this big girls song ! Am I missing something? Nice shots well put together. Maybe a field tripod for some of the shots would have been good BUT over all a good job. I like the way you always try and get the flavour of the day in your videos.

    Would it have been possible to have gotten to overhead crowd shot from your Helicopter? That would have been the icing on the cake for me.

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    Hi Midnight

    Your right, I love anything connected with flying, full size or models. The big girls theme reflects that most modellers think of their models as feminine and as these happen to be extra large scale models, they are the big girls of the modelling scene.

    All comments about tripods etc accepted. That was from 2007 so much has changed since then. To be honest I posted the film as the forum was a bit slow that day and I accept its got limited appeal beyond those who fly them

    As for getting aerial shots with my helicopter there would be no way I would be allowed to fly it above people. The blades can take your head clean off. I guess you must have seen some of my other videos on youtube of me flying.

    I have just bought myself a glider and new camera so that I can capture aerial shots when I am away touring. I will be able to fly the glider in more locations than the helicopter. Its silent as well so it will not attract attention. I intend to use it near castles, estuaries etc.

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    Right, I understand the connection Re: Big Girls. Yes I was looking on your YouTube channel.

    What I wouldn't give for some nice aerial shots. I bet you'll have some good fun with your new glider.

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