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Thread: Sony Vegas 9 - Learning to Walk

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    Hi, Ive just this week started using sony vegas. The manual i downloaded is too much like a text book and the 'show me how' option isnt very helpful either.

    All i want to know at the minute is the fastest and simplest ways of doing transitions, titles and trimming. Im sure it is very easy but im not much good at nutting things out on my own.

    Also i have imported a 6gb mp2 file (2hrs) and started working on it. I have done it with other big mpg2 files and havent had a problem. After spliting a few clips the video doesnt appear in the preview window anymore but the audio is still there. Ive tried deleting the project and starting again but the same thing happens.Its definetly a software problem because i have just bought an I7 with over a terrabyte free. Any ideas?



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    video tutorials are the easiest, just type up vegas tutorial in youtube, but the best way to learn is to just do it urself and emss around,
    intel core2 i7 960
    16GB DDR3
    Radeon HD6850
    Audigy 2 Soundcard
    2 x 24 Inch wide screen LCD Monitor + 30 inch tv.
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