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    Default A Kodak Moment

    I made this last night as a tribute to my lovely Kodak Cine K film camera. Hope you like it.

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    The lighting , music, style and compositions all added up to a lovely piece. The subject matter was also somewhat close to my heart as well. I shall, no doubt, shamelessly copy that with my Bolex as a subject and pretend that it was entirely my idea!
    (Maybe not, I'd be really miffed if my copy wasn't as good as your excellent original)

    I really liked the limited Depth of Field, what did you shoot it with?

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    Hey don't hold back, let's see that bolex!

    Glad you liked it anyway. It was shot on a Canon HV30 with a DOF adapter, a Nikon Nikkor 50mm f1.4 lens and a macro conversion kit... that's a whole lot of depth of field right there!

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    Almost totally captivating.
    I put the almost in there as I was indeed totally captivated for most of its duration until a couple of repeated (or very similar shots brought me back to reality and I realised it still had 20 secs to go.

    Other than a trim for length I thought it was just about perfect.

    Asn whilst I've no doubt the Gaffer could produce a piece of at least equal standing, I'm sure he'd have to work pretty hard to do so.

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    Ditto what Tim said. Great looking piece.

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    To answer your question, yes I did enjoy it!

    Its amazing just how many different shots you managed to get out of such a small item. They were set to the music really well.

    The only negative for me was it was just a little too long and I too noticed the use of similar clips near the end.


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