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Thread: Sony HandyCam - Seperate .VOB files for scenes?

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    Question Sony HandyCam - Seperate .VOB files for scenes?


    I have a problem regarding the Sony HandyCam 202E.

    When I am finished recording my stuff and it's all finalised and I open it up on the pc, there are x amount of .VOB files. Sometimes there's 3 and one is about 10 minutes and the rest 1 minute, and othertimes theres 2 and one is 18 minutes and one 1 minute.

    Why is this?

    I really want to have seperate .VOB files for each scene I record so that it's easy to put onto YouTube but I have no idea on how to create them.

    Why do the .VOB files save like that?

    Thank you in advance

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    .VOB files are used in DVD's and be a max of 2Gb I think

    Try and experiment with the camera record a clip and see what you have VOB wise,then do the same again and see what that does.

    Sony Vegas can import DVD's on to the timeline and you can edit and render to MP4 for You tube.

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    I agree with Z Cheema, the vob files run to about 2GB and then another file is created. I don't think you can change the length or set the camcorder up to record separate vob files for each scene. What you are describing can be done on a flash memory camcorder or one that records onto a SDHC card, every clip or scene is recorded as a single file and saved separately onto the storage medium. You could put the mini dvd back into the camcorder, connect using a USB cable and get the software to split the vob file into separate clips for you.

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