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Thread: Please forgive me !!!

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    Default Please forgive me !!!

    Hi again,

    Sorry everyone, it seems that the beer goggles were in full effect when i was looking at the rear (my pc !). I have a socket of course. DOH !

    I am using a old audio-technica mic into 'sound recorder' thats on my pc but its very crackely and low. I have tried to brighten it up through wavelab 3 but it still sounds shite and muffled. Is it worth getting a designated usb style mic..

    Also does recording the audio tracks on adobe 6 timeline have any specific order.? i.e 1,voice over 2,background 3,music..?

    Please help !!


    P.s Any advice on getting rid of a Cotswold accent..?

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    What settings are you using to capture?
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    Default Patients is a must !!!

    Hi all,

    Thanks for your time. I have just looked through the settings and realised i was trying to record in 8000 mono..Also seen Marc's response telling me to check the settings.

    Doing the biz in 16bit stereo now but still hate my voice..??

    If anybody has the perfect settings for wavelab or Adobe6.0, to get that pro narration feel i would be forever grateful..

    Happy new one.


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