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    Hello all.
    I am fairly new to editing and very new to Vegas Pro Platinum 9. The software is great, but like many others, I am having trouble streaming the native AVCHD/ .vst files while editing.

    First, a little history about my equipment and my settings:
    Camera- Canon Vixia HF S100
    Settings- SP (Standard Play) 7Mbps video quality, 24p in Cine Mode, (Cine Mode is apparently supposed to make 24p footage look more like big screen footage)
    Computer-dual core, 4G, Vista 64bit

    The Problem:
    The native AVCHD/.vst files stutter while editing/reviewing in Vegas. Note that these are the 7Mbps low quality files from the camera which has four settings higher than the SP 7Mbps setting. It would be nice to use the HQ 24Mbps setting, but the SP setting is the lowest setting that I can get to almost run smoothly in Vegas.
    (As an aside, when conducting a test of all the recording quality settings on the camera, I really didn't see a difference when viewing the footage on a 1080i TV through a PS3 using the card reader. They all looked like very nice quality HD. I thought this was odd, and it would be great if someone could explain why this is.)

    What's next:
    From the cameras raw AVCHD footage, I would like to learn how to create what I have been told is proxy footage, or footage that is more edit friendly.
    I have heard about others reformating for editing and then replacing the edited footage with HQ footage for authoring.
    This sounds like it might be the right solution for me. If anyone could point me in the right direction than that would be great!

    Thank you all for the help.

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    you could convert the clips to a more friendly format, that is what some do.

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