I have a 2.0 ghz Pentium 4, 512mb of RAM, 160gb Western Digital EIDE Hard drive, Belkin Firewire port, 128mb ATI Radeon 9800 video card, Windows XP Pro, DirectX 9.0C, Sony DCR-HC65 Mini-DV camera.

I'm new to video editing, i figured i'd try the tryout version of Premeire elements. So I load up the Trial version of Premier Elements, i just do a straight playback, my camera fires up, i see and hear the video just fine in the monitor window in premeir, everything seems fine, it rolls for about 30 seconds to a minute, then just freezes up, but the tape is still rolling if i look in the viewfinder, or the LCD screen on my camera. It seems to have just lost connection. I have to CTRL-ALT-DEL and kill premier elements, and reboot. I do so, i try doing a Capture. . again, everything goes fine for about 30 secs to a minute, then freezes up again.

I try the Windows XP Movie Maker, and get pretty much the same results..freezes up

Is this happening to anyone else?? Any ideas for me to try??

Not sure if this is Hardware or Software. . .I posted in both Hardware and Software forums, i apologize if you run into my message twice!

Thanks in advance.