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Thread: Web trailer editor required in Birmingham UK

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    Default Web trailer editor required in Birmingham UK

    Hi there,

    We are looking for someone to work with us on creating web trailers for products that we create. We are based in the Birmingham area and the position would be great for a student who wants to hone their skills as well as adding to a professional portfolio of work.
    We will need the trailers to be created for dvds of products that already have a basic edit. These will need to be jazzed up with music and edited in a modern MTV style.

    We use premier and after effects at the moment but we would like to use someone who can work at a faster rate than our ‘learn as we’ go style.

    Post or pm me for details.

    All the best,
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    We can produce trailers for you at a competitive price but we are not in the birmingham area so it would have to be via the internet or (dare i say) post.

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    Hi there i can produce epic trailers for you. I can send you some samples of my work. Again not based in the Birmingham area so it would have to be file transfers over the net orthe post.

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    I am part of a video and design collaborative called 'Enter the Treehouse' based in Leicestershire.
    We have had our work shown on MTV2 and the web trailers and editing you have described sounds really interesting, we are used to working with music and corporate videos .
    You can view our work at
    Get in touch we would love to hear more about your project.
    I look forward to hearing from you,
    Thank you,

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