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Thread: Editing Hard Drive or Disc

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    I currently have two camcorders both Mini DV. I am planning to update one of them but there are fewer and fewer tape machines on the market. I do a lot of editing and find tape is easy to transfer and edit. Are there any difficulties with editing (Pinnacle) with either disk or hard drive or is it basically the same.

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    I think you will find that depends on what version of Pinnacle you have and which camera you choose. I have Pinnacle v10.8. It is no good for my new camera. BUT I did upgrade to HD.

    Sorry this is a bit general but thats how it is.

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    Thanks for the two responses I received. One of my camers can record to HD although I do not edit in Hd as it takes up a lot of space and I would have to upgrade my PC. I will replace my second camera with HD but there appears to be so few tape cameras on the market now, yet it has been said that it is easier to edit tape than Hard drive or disc but perhap this just means within the editing facilities of the camera . Perhap it does not matter if you are using software.

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    Yes I think your right. Once you have the files on your PC if you are editing on your PC it's all pretty much a piece of cake. To get the files from the camera with a memory card it's just a copy and past process. I can recommend recording on to memory cards. It's more future proof. I'm lucky in that my camera records to both memory card and or tape.

    So what cameras are you looking at. I'm bias toward Panasonic brand, so it's no good asking me for my opinion because you will get a bias answer from me.

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    hi - As I do weddings and use two cameras it is better if I stick to the same brand, therefore I'll probably stick to Sony. There only appears to be one tape model (unless going semi pro like my main camera). The bad news is that it is around 750 plus ( it is HD) but is probably as good as proconsumer camera

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    Well good luck with things. I hope your happy with your purchase.

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    time to upgrade your system...

    digital is much portable and easier to manipulate...
    try and you'll like it...

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    Quote Originally Posted by inapaler View Post
    digital is much portable and easier to manipulate...
    MiniDV IS digital and it is easier to edit than HD.

    I'm not disputing that HD is the only realistic choice if you're buying new, just correcting the info so someone doesn't make an illinformed decision

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