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    Im looking to buy a field mixer for documentary, corporate video, pub, and some small-medium film. I want a minimum of 4 xlr in, a good monitoring screen.

    I was looking at two mixer right now

    The Sound Devices 442

    + Nice LED for monitoring
    + The direct output
    + Good panel configuration ( i dont have big finger )

    - no boom remote
    - Run on AA

    The PSC alplamix

    + Boom remote ( nice since i have to do the 2 a the same time )
    + direct output
    + Native NP-1 powering

    - LCD vu meter looks like crap, someone already worked whit it ? Can you see easely when you Boom at the same time or whit the sun reflexion and the angle of the bag ..... Looks like a really big negative point for me. But i never saw it live.
    - Less option on the front panel.

    And now i cant make my final choice. I love the fact that these mixer have direct output for each channel beause maybe after im gonna buy a Edirol 4 channel ( Edirol / Roland | R-44 Solid-State Four-Channel Portable | R-44 ) and just loop each channel into it.

    But i only worked whit shure fp-33 and fp-31 and i just hate it, the analog VU ..... i just hate it so bad! Any comments or suggestion regarding these two mixer ? Please help me, thanks !
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    During my brief excursion from camera into the sound dept. I used PSC, SQN and Sound Devices mixers and, in my opinion, Sound Devices are the "best" in terms of ease of use, features and quality. Most soundies will also agree that they have the best pre-amps of any portable, shoulder carried, location mixer. It's what I bought in the end.

    As for the LED meter on the Sound Devices, at full power you can use it light an interview! It certainly blinds passing aircraft at night!

    The R-44 is a totally different beast and not at all designed as a location mixer to supply a video camera or 2-track recorder (SD or Dat).

    If your finances stretch that far I suggest having a look at the brand new 552 from Sound Devices.

    552 Production Mixer | Sound Devices, LLC

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    Sorry for my english im french,

    I look at the 552, its looks like a great mixer but 400$ more than the 442 that is already the maximum that i can pay.

    If the 552 could record 4 individual channel in a wav file like the r-44 edirol can do than it would be the perfect mixer.

    I loved the combo of the 442 linked whit the edirol because i can send a stereo mix to the camera whit the 442, and at the same time i can loop the 4 direct output to the r-44 and record each channel separately in one wav file as a back up file. So if a wireless mic get distortion when somebody is talking by cloting or contact noise, you can go in post an simply mute the channel of the distorting mic, instead of getting no option because these mic where on the same channel in the camera stereo mix, and the samething if you mic where on the same channel in the 552 stereo recorded file.

    I dont know if you understand what i am try to say, Sure a 552 mixed whit a r-44 would be nice ! But i can just afford the pair ( 442 and r-44 ) not the ( 552 and r-44 )

    What do you think about this, it makes sense ?

    But i love the fact that the 552 have 5 input .... haaa
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    Sorry for my bad english im french

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    You don't have to apologise for your bad English. You can't help being French!

    It sounds to me like you're unsure of your abilities and you're trying to get too many "safety nets" and insurances. In my experience you need to work on recording the right sound at the time and not rely on multi-track recording to rescue you in the edit.

    On the occasions where the sound has been recorded live into the camera or dat, it has been fine. On the one occasion where a multitrack was used... it was a disaster.

    You will find on location that mucking about with a mixer (442) AND the Edirol R-44 will soon become too much and you end up concentrating on the equipment instead of concentrating on the sound.
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