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Thread: Dragons Den style heatwave

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    Default Dragons Den style heatwave

    Greetings all,

    If you've watched the most recent series of Dragons Den, during the intro sequence they have what appears to be the dragons smoldering.

    You can see it on youtube

    A sort of heat wave surrounds them.

    Does anyone know how this is achieved, using After Effects? I'd like to recreate the effect, all be it on a simpler scale


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    I haven't watched Dragons Den recently or looked into how they did the sequence of the 'heatwave' in the background but it might have been a masking job around the person, put them on another layer and apply a keyframed 'wave' to the background. Then again, everything could just have been kept on the one layer (the background) a mask drawn around the person to isolate them and again a keyframed 'wave' applied to the area outside the mask (protected area).

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