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Thread: Sony HDR-SR12 and Sennheiser ew112-p G3 Compatibility

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    Thank you for having this forum available to everyone.

    I recently purchased a Sennheiser wireless microphone package (ew112-p G3) to go with my Sony HDR-SR12 camcorder.

    I hooked it up but have been getting crackling audio and don't know what to do to get clear audio.

    I contacted the Sony call center in Florida and the person told me that the Sennheiser mic is not compatible with my camcorder. Is that possible?

    If not, are there adjustments I can make to the microphone or camera to fix the audio?

    Thank you,


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    There is no reason why you can't use your G3 with your Sony providing that you have the right adapter (from the receiver to the mic-in) and that your Sony will accept a mic-in signal.
    Firstly check that you have the right signal coming from the receiver, namely a "mic" signal, not a "line" signal. I don't personally know what the G3 kicks out, but nearly all radiomic receivers put out a "mic" level signal. The handbook will tell you.
    Then make sure that your Sony really is set-up to receive a "mic" signal, not a line strength input. Make sure you're plugged into the "mic in" socket" not "AV in" and if there is only an "AV" socket, check in the menu that it's been set to accept your mic-level signal.

    Finally, play around with the Settings (RF and ATT) on the transmitter and the receiver of the G3. The factory settings on the G2 were notoriously bad and had to be considerably adjusted to get anything like a clean sound.

    A radio mic really is like a series of links in a chain and if one link ain't quite right, the whole system falls down. Start with the most obvious and work your way through. Are the receiver and transmitter on the same frequency? Is the microphone giving a level? Is the receiver getting a signal? etc. etc.

    But, to answer your question, the two "should" work together. It's just a question now of finding out what's not right.

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    Thank you so much for the quick and very thorough response, Mr. Gaffer!

    I went through the steps you outlined and a couple suggestions I didn't quite understand. Earlier, I had no luck contacting Sennheiser Canada, after repeated emails and phone calls, which was why I turned to this forum. So I called Sennheiser USA and got someone on the line right away.

    I did an 'easy setup' to check if any frequency was interfering, then set the sensitivity and RF both very low (Sensitivity to -30 and RF to -1, and the sound was very nice. It turns out that many of the consumer camcorders have the factory settings where the volume is very high, so you have to compensate for that.

    Thanks again for your help!


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    I have one more question....

    I would like to attach the receiver onto my camcorder, but the flash mount adapter (the square plastic piece that can be attached to the receiver) is too big to fit into the Shoe (Sony calls it an Active Interface Shoe) on the top of my Sony HDR-SR12.

    I called Sony and they said that they have no adapter. I checked into Sennheiser and they call the camera mount at the top a "lighting shoe mount".

    Is this just a case of two companies making it two different sizes so they don't fit?


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    A quick search of:
    Sony HDR-SR12 Camcorder Review - Sony Camcorders
    reveals that, as I suspected, Sony's hot shoe is proprietary.
    Try the bottom of this page for an adaptor:

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    Hey Tim.

    Thanks for the response.

    This sort of thing frustrates the hell out of me. It kinda feels like Sony does this more than other companies. I love the camera but I keep running into incompatibilities that are frustrating.



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