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Thread: how to achieve best quality out of canon vixia HG20

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    Default how to achieve best quality out of canon vixia HG20

    hey all, glad i found a decent forum to join since my new purchase! (this forum seems especially cool since there are so many user vids floating around)

    anyways, i just got a canon vixia hg20. supposed to be pretty damn good quality-wise, except i can't make it perform at its best.

    i use all the highest settings (recording in 24p 'cine-mode') and yet i still seem to get not THAT spectacular of video. to import i just log and transfer into FCE so i know there's no downgrading of quality, right???

    or should i be converting and deinterlacing somehow??

    ..or is it a settings issue with the camera?? hah i know i'm all over the place, thanks for anyone who offers there time towards my troubles!

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    Personally I wouldn't say that the 24p "cine" mode is the highest quality. Quite often camcorders' "cine" mode tends to have a lower contrast and is slightly unsharp to give a "film-like" appearance. The Vixias are capable or astounding images, so I would try with straight 1080i mode to start with.

    In the same way be carefull what settings you use in "Log & Transfer", expecially with FCE rather than FCP. There's no need to de-interlace especially as your "cine" mode should be producing progressive images anyway.

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