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Thread: Pinnacle Studio 12 guide/tutorial

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    Default Pinnacle Studio 12 guide/tutorial

    I have recently bought version 12 after my Panasonic videocamera broke. I bought a Canon VIXIA HV40 HD HDV and cannot use my old Panasonic software,TMPG encoder, GUI for DVD Author, etc. I have never used Pinnacle Studio.

    What decent guides are on the net? I downloaded "A quick start guide to video editing using Pinnacle Studio", but I need a more advanced one, as this one just covers the basics. When I do a search, it seems as if most guides that are available are for sale.

    Any help/links please?

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    When you open Pinnacle Studio Launcher you have the option to open the program or you could try the tutorial.

    You could visit the Pinnacle website HERE where there are some useful tips etc. There is also a Forum on the site.

    Good luck

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