Any help here much appreciated. I am a stills photographer and complete newbie to video. I want to try my hand at some filming and these are what (I think) I need but seem to be lacking on a lot of camcorders.

- external mic jack and hotshoe
- tripod socket
- a format I can use with common editing software. At present I only have iMovie.

As to whether I need DV HDV HD SD etc etc I do not know, but I read a previous thread saying tape would be better, particularly since I am a newbie and I have only a 2GB macbook pro.

Finally I have almost no budget and want something cheap so of it doesn't work out I won't be hurting. Almost certainly I am looking for a used camera.

I am sorely tempted by a little cheapie 1080 hand size Hitachi at the moment but I get the feeling it won't be quite right. Thanks for any recommendations.